Is He Female?

Growing up it never escaped that boys and girls were different.

In the way they walked, ran the 100 metre race, gobbled up their food, dressed and even talked,the difference showed up.

None the shy.

Girls got severe teasing, crunching on the mundane. They walked slowest, had their races shortened and sometimes spared strenous manual labour as a form of punishment.

Boys got the cheering.

Years have passed and I have discovered boys want to be like girls, and girls want all the tough things. To be like boys.


Is everything changing? is everyone changing? What do you see? I see it not.

Growing up in church, we were told time and time again. We were created in God’s image. I had no inkling what that image was, did you? Do you? I still struggle to date. If you know what it means please share here with me.

Taking time to study scripture,  I took note of Genesis 1:27  no one had read to us or mentioned the entire portion which read

“...So God created man in his own image; he created him in the image of God…In God’s image he created him;male and female he created them.”

I’ve pondered and still ponder on these words. What does it mean?

So God was creating or created himself in what he saw in his hands? He ensured the man was akin to him. God? And this he did for both the female and the male?

The maleness carries the female, in the female is maleness.

If you don’t know the image of God then you get so lost in this semantics! But do I say.

I found that God took a portion of his spiritual being and put it in  the physical forms of male and female,which he later called his dwelling temple!

Good has both the seed power and mind to create biologically and put his Spirit in you. Inside of you is a portion whereupon God can sit comfortably in female or male shapes.

In one he gives a spirit of the female and yet in another he gives the spirit of maleness. The same one spirit does all this interchanges. Is that what we are experiencing these days.

Nothing new?

What is, has been.

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I write lived experiences and encounters. I write straight from my heart. I pour my thoughts, observations and nuances with black ink on white sheets of webpages. My thoughts and conclusions are my own. If they lead you to think, change or laugh about a thing or two, then I have lived my purpose- to influence positively. This page is dedicated to all Kenyan Mothers and Girls, and to Fathers because daughters are borne of them and to Boys, who call them sisters. If I discover anything out there that will enrich your life or provide income or improve your overall well being, I'll bring it here. It may get personal, but learn and have fun, afterall who celebrates us but us. Who fights for us but us.😇

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