The Lepers Concept


It’s a great feeling to come back and post something to share with the whole world.

Thanks to the advent of internet and blogging. A writer gets their word out. So let’s spread minds, including the gospel as our core business.

Just clocking into a new decade of my life realized, I have lived a life with chips and tips to share. In my community, a saying goes.

“To live longest, is too see much.”

My eyes have see their bits hardly halfway though. 😆


I have learnt  patience, persistence and faith go hand in hand. You take along and combine the three to claim victory. You have no faith if you don’t persist in which you trust the LORD for. Likewise you persist in that which you know not the outcome, unless you have the faith!

Patience then crowns, the period of delivery. The three are sisters and work together to produce great exploits.

I am reminded of the story of the 4 lepers in 2 Kings 7:3-20. They carried on a debate. Essentially we need to imitate similar debate in our day to day dealings and conversations. Both as men and women of faith.

To paraphrase “If we go in we may die or survive, we don’t we are still doomed, we shall surely die.”

When the course toughens, and you hardly know the way out. When you are afraid to ask for help but fear to be laughed at or mocked.Conjuring up disabling questions.

“What will people say?”

“You mean, her?”

“Surely she seens to have it all together!”

And so on.

Your saturated mind bombs your progress. Many of us end up transfixed, immobile and too paralyzed to dare. Stuck on the dead end.

But I have  learnt asking and daring the unthinkable paths inevitably yields pleasant and positive results.

It’s biblical too “… ask and it shall be given unto you.”

When I have stood on the edges of the bridge, stranded and tophat hopeless, I have applied ‘The Lepers Concept.’

Numerous times and to my amazement miracles have worked in my favor, just as it did for the 4 Lepers.

In such times you’re at a point, it matters no worse to stay and die or try and figure out. You’ll meet help right there on your first move. So step out,

‘The Lepers Concept’ is a call of faith, persistence and patience merged into a solid bold ball that delivers the best for you. You are called to share it with others like they did after they realized they had made it!

I share it today, that if you’re ever caught between a rock and hard place, push through the rock and hard place and see your deliverance.

Push in prayer, faith and persistence and see the tumult of the enemy in the  horizon.


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I write lived experiences and encounters. I write straight from my heart. I pour my thoughts, observations and nuances with black ink on white sheets of webpages. My thoughts and conclusions are my own. If they lead you to think, change or laugh about a thing or two, then I have lived my purpose- to influence positively. This page is dedicated to all Kenyan Mothers and Girls, and to Fathers because daughters are borne of them and to Boys, who call them sisters. If I discover anything out there that will enrich your life or provide income or improve your overall well being, I'll bring it here. It may get personal, but learn and have fun, afterall who celebrates us but us. Who fights for us but us.😇

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