And so I write…


I write from that which springs from my faith.

I write of encounters in my Christian walk. Of experiences lived. And for purposeful growth in all areas;politically,socially and culturally.

And for specific purposes of spreading the Good News of Christ, I so doodle. His ways, not easy peasy, but a gospel of the unconventional.

Not as the world looks at things but the way it did not look at things and so crucified him .

He dabbled in parables, metaphors, short stories, riddles and even poetry. He lived an artist, he healed with his scalpel hands, a physician and surgeon.

An architectural scientist in the how he created things-only he had the algebraic formula to keep the rounded earth on its pivot.

That’s my LORD! he comes in ways of no particular formula and means. But is the means and formula. It’s just his style-creativity and so I try to be.

I write things he puts in my heart where I have let him rule. And he alone allows me the privilege, on condition that I share it freely with the rest of the world.

It delights me how the world evolved.

I get to communicate and share unique hidden truths with the rest of the world in real time.


Let me inspire before time expires.

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I write lived experiences and encounters. I write straight from my heart. I pour my thoughts, observations and nuances with black ink on white sheets of webpages. My thoughts and conclusions are my own. If they lead you to think, change or laugh about a thing or two, then I have lived my purpose- to influence positively. This page is dedicated to all Kenyan Mothers and Girls, and to Fathers because daughters are borne of them and to Boys, who call them sisters. If I discover anything out there that will enrich your life or provide income or improve your overall well being, I'll bring it here. It may get personal, but learn and have fun, afterall who celebrates us but us. Who fights for us but us.😇

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