7 Reasons why Ebooks are booming



Books I love. I enjoy reading and read all manner of books. Books make you travel the world from your couch.

Nothing beats the crisp feel of pages ruffling through your fingers. How about the fresh bookshop smell of hard covered books? It never leaves your nose for the longest time as you flip through the pages. Once in a while you even lick fingers turning the next page, and ears tuned to the shish shish sounds of pages rubbing each other.

The literal sight of your growing bookshelf can pump up adrenaline for more acquisitions as you build your personal library. While this is a timeless indulgence not comparable to eBooks, no one is trashing the age and arrival of technology.

E-Book also called electronic book is the equivalent of the digital print of a book. The e-readers are here and have increased readership.

When Project Gutenberg kicked off the digitization of text in 1971, they had no inkling how viral it would trend years to come. The sole purpose or intention was for storage and retrieving material in future searches.

But as things stand ebooks are trending.

While the backstory of ebooks and e-readers occurred at an earlier date, the current explosion of online books cannot be ignored. The traditional book is getting endangered as the electronic book takes off by storm.

The books come downloadable on reading devices with a screen. Complete with pictures images and other illustrations.


It’s estimated each month, 3000000 books are downloaded. That’s a figure to get our ears pricked. Online presence is the new go to bookstore.

As newer software and hardware for reading digital print is released and increased in the market, some of these reading gadgets have become portable and one can read anywhere without the strain of carrying weight around.

On the flip side, a lot of negative vibe and rant is being thrown about how ebooks are prone to plagiarism and fleece writers.

Brace yourself, the ebook boom is inevitable as more and more people read on their various devices.

So why will Ebooks boom?

  1. Unlimited Downloads

They are so easy to acquire, in one click to a link you can start reading. You don’t need to take a ride into town on a bus and line up at the bookstore. You can download them on your phone sitting on a loo.😆

They maybe acquired through a library card, onto a laptop or PC and read offline anywhere, on a flight or in a bus ride.


Expanded territory means you can download from work, home or anywhere with internet connection.

  1. Availability

While you desire a new paperback, it may easily run out of print. Not so with ebooks. Ebooks save on time and can be acquired from as many varied online stores. You can make real time purchases from the comfort of your favorite backrest seat. And read on your bed deep into the night with lights off.

  1. Affordability

Because of skirting the traditional printing costs, ebooks come cheap and affordable. Ebooks are pocket friendly even for students, delivery costs have been cut out. No shipping expenses in your purchase purse. Some even come free!

  1. Sharing and Storage

The Ebooks can move from one device to the next without loss like in the natural. Hardcover books have been lost for good when lent out. In the ebook world, you still retain your copy even when shared out. The unique packaging makes it easy for sharing and storage, unlike the hard bound covered books demanding stacks of wooden shelves. You won’t have to deal with dog eared pages as you read the book over and over.

Ebooks have become an information boom. They’re a great asset for researchers, marketers, bloggers, travelers, small and big businesses, students and readers of both fiction or non- fiction.

  1. Easy to Cart around

Some devices are pocket size; you can save as many as a 500 books on a CD and move a million miles!  It’s a portable library at your disposal. Whether at a remote location in a village in Africa or huge New York Metropolitan, you can read your ebook. Clearly they are defining the world’s reading culture.

  1. Enjoy both worlds

If you still miss the crisp feel of papers in your hands you can still go ahead and have it printed for you. Dual benefits, isn’t it?

  1. Going Green


I often receive emails with a bottom request not to print unless necessary. With ebooks we are in fact going green and saving our trees and forests, in a world where climate change is a deathly topic, the book is on.


Ebooks are the new smart ‘in’ vogue thing. Do not be left behind whining on the frivolity of reduced readership of hard covered books. Or lack of due recognition to writers, indeed writers are earning royalties from books downloaded.

Ebooks are fun as you can expand text, scroll highlight paragraphs. They come in all manner of information, data, subjects and categories. They include subjects on self-improvement to DIY topics.


If you are looking for specific statistic or information, it’s at the touch of a button. Which academic or learner or anyone who enjoys reading can resist such magic?

Ebooks are defining how the world reads and accesses information.

Materials in ebooks can be updated as time lapses, so that you have the latest handy information. But we all can’t ignore the fact gadgets run on batteries which could just as well conk out midstream your favourite read.

While we wish that printed books do not become obsolete, ignoring and trashing the ebooks maybe to your loss.









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